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About GorkanaJobs.com

GorkanaJobs.com provides thousands of journalism job opportunities from leading employers across The United States.


The Gorkana Jobs Mission Statement-

1) Provide employers with the best possible candidates for their position.

2) Provide premium job opportunities for candidates.

3) Empower the Gorkana Community through industry insight and knowledge.


Our Philosophy-

Gorkana Jobs realizes what a time consuming process the job search can be.

For employers, searching through endless stacks of resumes can be tedious and inefficient.  Thankfully the Gorkana Community is a cohort of quality, motivated candidates.  They’ve taken the time to sign up for job alerts, attend networking events, and are actively engaged in their industries.

For candidates the endless applications, cover letters and interviews can be a exhaustive exercise.  At Gorkana Jobs we want to make your life easier.  From providing you with quality openings, industry news and insight, and even the occasional laugh or pick-me-up on our blog, Gorkana Jobs is the place to find and secure that perfect job.


For Employers-

1) Post jobs with our easy to use employer site and access the right talent.

2) Search through our Community’s resumes to find that perfect candidate.

3) Premium candidates from the Gorkana Community mean less hassle, a more efficient search, and a better hire.

4) We are ready to provide answers for your questions and solutions to your problems with superior personal customer service.


For Job Candidates-

1) Find a job in Journalism, writing, PR, and marketing from leading employers.

2) Upload your resume and profile for all employers to see.

3) Stay current on key industry news and defeat the job search blues with Gorkana News and the Gorkana Jobs Blog.



If you would like to find out more please contact Us:


Tel: +44 207 074 2557


About Gorkana

Founded by two financial PRs who’d run out of patience with the existing resources for managing relationships with the media, Gorkana helps journalists and PRs work more effectively together. Find out how Gorkana can help you stay well connected.

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