NationSwell, Audience Development and Social Media Manager - NY / Telecommute

New York, NY / Telecommute
Aug 27, 2013
Oct 01, 2013
Job Type
Full Time

Location: New York, NY / Telecommute

NationSwell is a new media venture launching at the end of the year focused on telling high quality stories about the people renewing America – the new innovators, pioneers, builders and doers who are on the cutting edge of moving the country forward. 

The Audience Development Lead and Social Media Manager will work closely with the CEO & Editor, the Managing Editor, and the rest of the highly seasoned staff from TIME, The New York Times, Daily Beast, Facebook, POLITICO, and more.

Work may be done at our shared office space in New York City or remotely from anywhere in the country.

Summary of the Role:

We are looking for a self-manager, self-learner, and self-starter to lead all of NationSwell’s audience growth, marketing, engagement, and analytics initiatives.  You will take the lead on building unique visitors, social media followers, and an email subscriber base for our website.  You will be at the center of our social media, email communication, traffic partnerships, search engine optimization, site recirculation, and paid marketing activities, and you will develop and provide insights that help all parts of the business grow as intelligently and efficiently as possible.  You will work closely with the editorial and technology teams to help optimize user experience and drive business goals.    

We seek a digital native who is comfortable with numbers, who appreciates the creative process, and who thinks through challenges both creatively and scientifically.  You will help figure out which content has the potential to reach the broadest audience, mobilize our distribution channels to drive traffic, and be at the center of fueling traffic surges.  You will develop high-level strategies and plans with one foot always on the ground, executing A/B testing, drafting messaging, and monitoring daily performance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategy. Execute, update, and revise strategic audience growth plan, working closely with the entire NationSwell team to ensure that we leverage every opportunity for growth.
  • Analytics & Insights. Drive NationSwell to be a metrics-driven organization, using analytics to aggressively optimize all of our activities and understand user behavior. Lead as the key interpreter of data, translating information into action-oriented recommendations for product enhancements. Utilize web, social media, and email analytics to measure the effectiveness of all online programs and to improve the effectiveness of the efforts.  Regularly compile analytics & key insights.
  • Social Media. Develop and implement comprehensive social media strategy and manage NationSwell’s social media communities, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in conjunction with editorial staff.  Interpret analytics and develop insights to constantly refine strategy and increase virality.  Act as the organization’s social media expert, continually advancing and deploying best practices. 
  • Email. Develop and launch NationSwell’s email newsletter program. Aggressively identify and implement opportunities to grow the email subscriber base and optimize performance of email products.
  • Page Optimization. Influence the conversion around NationSwell content and American renewal more broadly through messaging, promotion, and landing page optimization.
  • Search Engine Optimization.  Continually advance and deploy best practices in SEO in order to grow natural search traffic to the site. Work in conjunction with the editorial and technology teams to maximize efforts in this area.  
  • Paid Marketing. Oversee modest but substantive paid marketing budget. Secure freelancers or an outside agency to execute cost-effective programs to reach key business goals. 
  • Partnerships. Identify, negotiate, and implement traffic-building partnerships with other digital media organizations.

Key Qualifications:

All candidates must possess the following qualities and qualifications:

  • Excellent analytical skills, including working with Microsoft Excel, and the ability to deliver recommendations based on data and analysis.
  • At least five years of experience in fast-paced, analytics-driven work environments and at least two years of digital marketing experience.  
  • Demonstrated track record of developing digital marketing programs that drive sustained audience growth.  
  • Deep understanding of social media best practices, online publishing, and the digital media space in general, as well as low-cost strategies for growing audiences for digital publishers.
  • Entrepreneurial instincts and a hands-on attitude. Eye for the big picture and enjoyment of day-to-day operations. Creative approach to problem solving. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills – must enjoy working with outside partners and must have a demonstrated ability to work closely with creative teams and to influence and educate on digital marketing principles.
  • Excellent written communication skills - ability to write effective copy for direct response and social media, and ability to present insights and data to a diverse audience.
  • Ability to manage projects and hit deadlines.
  • Bachelor’s Degree

The ideal candidate will also possess the following qualities and qualifications:

  • Experience with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and other digital analytics tools.
  • Demonstrated experience organically building a social media audience and/or an email subscriber base.
  • Understand the basic principles of SEO, direct-response, and UX.
  • Experience with non-profit organizations or activist organizations.
  • Optimist with a firm belief in the potential for American innovation and renewal.

Interested candidates should submit their resume to